Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos Making Their Mark in the Tattoo Industry

By its technical name, ‘intradermal pigmentation,’ is something that can be treated by any plastic surgeon with skill. However, any competent, sterile tattoo facility can still yield similar results for a fraction of the cost.

Permanent cosmetic tattooing, at its inception, seemed primarily a means to offer a permanent cosmetically enhanced appearance for women who wished to have their eye-liner and eyebrows permanently tinted or lined.

The practice has come full circle now however, and is being applied in situations involving much more serious skin and scarring issues. Women who have been the victims of domestic violence can use permanent cosmetics to cover scars and enhance their appearance.

Of course, the practice is still viable and useful as a means to cover tattoos that are no longer wanted, although permanent tattoo removal cannot be achieved with the process, covering or lightening the appearance of a tattoo is readily achieved.

Although, tattoo removal, cover-up tattoos, and cosmetic tattoos can be obtained readily at most of the best tattoo studios, there are few professional permanent cosmetic tattoo artists in the United States at this time.

If you would like a consultation for a cover-up tattoo, or for the application of permanent cosmetics in RI, contact Inflicting Ink Tattoo Studio for an appointment, or simply walk-in at any time during normal business hours and speak to one of their licensed, qualified tattoo artists.


Inflicting Ink is a Rhode Island Tattoo Studio that embodies quality, consistency and pride, and offers a sterile, safe, comfortable, artistic environment to its customers. Inflicting Ink Tattoo Studio is located in Portsmouth RI. Nominated multiple times for the Best Tattoo Parlor in Rhode Island and Best Tattoo Artist in RI Right over the boarder they are also a favorite MA Tattoo Shop. You may contact them for an appointment for a tattoo at (401) 683-5680 and of course walk-ins are always welcome. Be sure to visit their sister site too and get a glimpse of their unbelievable 73+ foot long mobile tattoo studio the Inflicting Ink Traveling Tattoo truck.


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